*blows dust off blog*

My, have I neglected this endeavor! But I am back with a new found sense of determination because I signed myself up for the See Jane Run half-marathon in July. I didn’t consider myself ready for a race that length but a friend of mine planted the seed. She asked if I wanted to do the Kirkland half-marathon with her. Knowing my IT band issues I was concerned starting to train the end of February wouldn’t be a sufficient amount of time to prepare for the run in May. Even though I had to decline, it started to get me thinking about why I hadn’t completed a half-marathon. The number one reason: my IT band. I have been able to keep it from flaring up but my mileage has been reduced plus stretching and using the minimalist shoes has helped in a big way.  I wanted to give myself ample time to train because I need to increase mileage very slowly since increasing too quickly got me into the predicament I’m in now. I started training 15 weeks before the half-marathon date. In my half-marathon training research it seems that many, if not all, say 10 weeks is the right amount of training time. I’m giving myself those 5 extra weeks to ease my body into running longer. I can’t stress how careful I need to be. I’m going to take extra care into listening to my body and taking rest days despite being an exercise fiend that wants to work out everyday. I can’t afford to overdo it and end up causing even more damage.