Ah! I’ve been absent from this blog for too long. I took a bit of a hiatus from my Five Fingers which explains the lack of updates since, wow, July. The last time I wore them I did intervals on an elliptical. I still love using them for that particular activity but running in them, the sole purpose of this blog, continues to evade me.

The last time I used them in an attempt to run I ran a mile and it took me a little over thirteen minutes. I did my best to be patient and not rush anything and make sure my foot strikes were even yet quick. Once I reached the mile mark my focus wavered and I called it a day. Sure, I’ve had thoughts about doing that run again but when I am running considerably pain free with my usual mileage in my New Balance Minimus, is it difficult to try revert back to a slow, very slow, mile.

I have scolded myself, even just today, for becoming lax and not pursing this goal with the vengeance I once had but then when I first purchased the Five Fingers I had no other alternatives besides just not running which was never an option. After the Minimus came into my life I was essentially “cured”. I can run now, just fine, so why try to finish this almost impossible goal? This is the dilemma I face now.

This morning at the gym the fellow next to me had on a pair of Five Fingers and was running away. I was going to stop him to inquire about how long it took his body to adapt to barefoot running but then I saw the speed on the treadmill and it was at 5.9, the same pace I had been doing. He also had to stop a few times and all I could think of was, “I know what you are going through, buddy”.