My Five Fingers just aren’t giving me what I need when it comes to running. Instead of sitting them down and explaining maybe we should just be friends, I cheated with a pair of New Balance Minimus shoes.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Five Fingers and I have a great relationship. I wear them to the gym, did a boot camp-esque workout in them, even did Zumba. I answer questions from strangers about those funky looking things and rave about how comfortable my feet feel. Things are going great but still, when it comes to running, I am not fulfilled. Needless to say my patience had dried. I just wanted to run, man! I did not want relearn what has taken years to build up. Fed up and without any real idea what to do, I went back to the shoe store and looked at the wall of minimalist shoes. Nikes, Brooks, New Balance. I tried on a pair of Nikes but they had much more cushion that I would have expected for so-called minimalist footwear. Other models I passed due to unappealing color schemes and designs. Sure, I need to find the best shoe for my foot but looks matter. The only exception to that rule are the Five Fingers. I try on a pair of the New Balance Minimus and they fit great. Even with my wide foot I didn’t feel any tightness or pinching. No cushioning to speak of. Practically no lift and it is even from the toe to the heel. They look cool. Almost like a shoe from the 70’s. I run on the treadmill with them, like the way they feel, and the rest is history.

Running has become natural again. Yes, the leg pain is still present but manageable when I run in the Minimus. Some days I do have to stop during a run and walk off the pain for a minute or so but as I continue to run in those shoes moments like that have lessened.

My running distance and time is still minimal. I run 30 minutes three to four times a week. Last week I ran 4 miles in 32 minutes with hardly any discomfort which had me smiling from ear to ear all day. I felt back in the game. Aside from that day I do keep a very strict 30 minute rule because I am concerned that pushing too much will aggravate my injury further and send me right back to where I was. I mean, doing too much got me in this situation anyway so I am adamant about slowly, and I mean SLOWLY, increasing time and miles.

I signed up for the Warrior Dash a few months ago and it will take place in July. This will be my first organized run in quite some time. I feel confident I will be ready for it as long as I keep my running in check. Can’t wait to run in mud and jump over fire. I like getting dirty.